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What is the meaning of sensation in Hindi?

Meaning of sensation in Hindi is : हलचल

Definition of word sensation

  • A physical feeling or perception from something that comes into contact with the body; something sensed. (noun)
  • A widespread reaction of interest or excitement. (noun)

Examples of word sensation

  • Alas! it is the narrowness, selfishness, minuteness, of your sensation that you have to deplore in England at this day; —sensation which spends itself in bouquets and speeches; in revelings and junketings; in sham fights and gay puppet shows, while you can look on and see noble nations murdered, man by man, without an effort or a tear.
  • Sexual excitement is accompanied throughout by a sensation of pleasure, specifically known as _voluptuous pleasure_, the _voluptuous sensation_, or simply _voluptuousness_ (in Latin, _libido sexualis_).
  • It is sensation viewed especially in regard to its object -- _representative sensation_, or the "sensible idea" of modern philosophy.
  • If one adopts (b), and something like a Sellarsian or Davidsonian distinction between sensation and thought, putting phenomenal character exclusively on the Ëœsensationâ„¢ side, and intentionality exclusively on the Ëœthoughtâ„¢ side of this divide, the place of consciousness in a philosophical account of knowledge will likely be meager ” at most phenomenal character will be a causal condition, without a role to play in the warrant or justification of claims to knowledge.
  • "The main sensation is that there have been no sensations today," Mr. Azarov said.


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