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What is the meaning of sera in Hindi?

Meaning of sera in Hindi is : सराय

Definition of word sera

  • Plural form of serum. (noun)

Examples of word sera

  • Unfortunately, the word sera is one of the most, if not the most, difficult words for me to pronounce correctly.
  • But, as the French say, "On ne sait jamais ce que demain sera" ( "We just don't know what tomorrow holds").
  • Disons que Chris nous conte l’histoire originale du BarCamp pleines de MotsWiki … Et que le week-end du 25 août prochain sera dédié au premier anniversaire du BarCamp.
  • In my early work it was clearly shown that mice could be used for determining the presence of yellow fever antibodies in sera.
  • Que sera 'sera', a chicken came before the egg. by Wolfie on Saturday, May 10, 2008 at 10: 43: 55 AM
  • Look at all the effort that the Companions went to in order to preserve the secret of their own nature, and they weren't even returning as humans! just such philosophical questions had arisen in the course of Che'sera's questioning-though on his part, rather than Che'sera's-and the Sworn One had neatly deflected them.
  • An'desha nodded, and detailed everything that had been happening since the "Working" of which Karal had been the channel; from the effect that being the focus of so much energy had wrought on the young Karsite priest, to the departure of the gryphons and the arrival of Sejanes and Master Len to the comings and goings of so many Kal'enedral, to Che'sera's intense interest in him.
  • "It is not often that the shamans permit him to return," An'desha replied, as calmly and carefully as he could, although he could in no way match the lack of inflection in Che'sera's voice.