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What is the meaning of serpentine in Hindi?

Meaning of serpentine in Hindi is : सर्पेन्टीन

Definition of word serpentine

  • Sinuous; curving in alternate directions. (adjective)
  • Having the shape or form of a snake. (adjective)
  • Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of snakes. (adjective)
  • Of, or having attributes associated with, the mythological serpent, such as craftiness or deceitfulness. (adjective)
  • Any of several plants believed to cure snakebites. (noun)
  • An early form of cannon. (noun)
  • A coiled distillation tube. (noun)
  • To serpentize; to turn or bend; to meander. (verb)
  • Of or characteristic of serpentine rocks or the plants that grow there. (adjective)
  • Any of several green/brown minerals consisting of a magnesium and iron silicates. (noun)
  • Any of many minerals that have the same layered crystal structure. (noun)
  • An outcrop or region with soil and rock dominated by these minerals. (noun)

Examples of word serpentine

  • Basanti queen of the Hijdas beauty beyond compare zeenath in serpentine snare sohel on the balls of his toes leaps in middair his entire body in prayer kaajal her bodily muskish odour attired emotions in good care babita, priya from singapore samba footed on the holy square
  • Her hands gripped his hair, her legs sliding in serpentine coils to lock behind his knees.
  • KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court today once again deferred its verdict on alleged international serial killer Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj's case, further prolonging the dubbed serpentine's seven-year battle against the three-decade old murder charge.
  • Our Sunday camp was beside what might be called a serpentine curve or series of loops in the river.
  • We had visited the asbestos claims, where the edge of a blanket formation of the rock known as serpentine, containing the asbestos, lay exposed to view, twisting around the head of narrow canyons, and under beetling cliffs.


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