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What is the meaning of serve in Hindi?

Meaning of serve in Hindi is : हाजिर रहना

Definition of word serve

Examples of word serve

  • Rather, the prepaid card bears the name Serve, a new brand American Express is pushing to broaden its appeal and compete against a slew of new digital-payment services that have cropped up in recent years.
  • AmEx's digital wallet, which is branded under the name Serve, is rooted in an alternative-payments company called Revolution Money that AmEx bought last year.
  • The company has been pushing a new mobile payments service called Serve, which allows consumers to make purchases from their smartphones using their mobile numbers.
  • The Verizon-Amex partnership will enable customers to use Amex-designed payment software called Serve on mobile phones and tablet computers.
  • It was called the Serve America Act. This law creates more volunteer opportunities and triples the size of the AmeriCorps national service program.


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