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What is the meaning of serviceable in Hindi?

Meaning of serviceable in Hindi is : सेवा योग्य

Definition of word serviceable

  • Easy to service (adjective)
  • Repairable instead of disposable (adjective)
  • In condition for use (adjective)

Examples of word serviceable

  • That these tasty morsels come wrapped in serviceable crime plots involving tough guys, gutsy gals, and snappy patter makes the pleasure of devouring them all the sweeter.
  • The Service stretcher, while soundly built and serviceable, is for this very reason a somewhat cumbrous load even when empty.
  • Deborah Kovacs tells a fast-paced story from Catie’s point of view in serviceable prose with some weak spots.
  • Endgame's fundamental weakness, though, is its script, which could charitably be called serviceable, and which might more accurately be said to take fascinating, complex characters and situations and reduce them to plywood cut-outs.
  • Under current armor, could the APC still be serviceable, that is protect our troops in Iraq?


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