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What is the meaning of serving in Hindi?

Meaning of serving in Hindi is : सेवारत

Definition of word serving

  • That or who serves or serve. (adjective)
  • The action of the verb to serve. (noun)
  • A portion (especially, of a meal) served to someone. (noun)
  • A layer added to the outside of an electrical cable to protect it (noun)
  • Present participle of serve. (verb)

Examples of word serving

  • If power did not accrete with seniority, if there were no retirement benefits, if there were no automatic pay raises, in other words, if serving in the Senate or House were the *serving* that was originally envisioned, not a *CAREER*, there would be a lot less pressure from K street, as there would be no person who was the “Go To” for a specific bit of rent seeking.
  • The polyphony of David Lang's "For Love Is Strong" grew denser throughout the piece, with the words of the title serving as a kind of drone over which the lyrics were sung.
  • Most dish up one to two cups of pasta with a meal; a serving is a half-cup.
  • I make notes to prep before important phone calls, and like some crazed homemaker from the fifties, I label serving dishes with Post-it notes before parties to make sure I have a place to put the Nacho Cheese Doritos and the Sour Cream & Onion Lays.
  • LOVE: We're talking portion control, have fruit about a baseball sized portion or a cup is what we call a serving goal on a fruit serving.


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