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What is the meaning of settlement in Hindi?

Meaning of settlement in Hindi is : हस्तान्तरण

Definition of word settlement

  • The state of being settled. (noun)
  • A colony that is newly established; a place or region newly settled. (noun)
  • A community of people living together, such as a hamlet, village, town, or city. (noun)
  • The gradual sinking of a building. Fractures or dislocations caused by settlement. (noun)
  • The delivery of goods by the seller and payment for them by the buyer, under a previously agreed trade or transaction or contract entered into. (noun)
  • A disposition of property, or the act of granting it. (noun)
  • A settled place of abode; residence; a right growing out of legal residence. (noun)
  • A resolution of a dispute. (noun)

Examples of word settlement

  • A person with knowledge of the talks told The Associated Press that the term "settlement negotiations" doesn't necessarily mean an agreement is near.
  • The start the girl gave when the word settlement was spoken gave Hetty pause.
  • If money or land received in settlement is wasted that will be it.
  • If the term settlement is used alone, it misleads readers to think positively of the activity.
  • The term settlement is used for any Jewish towns, villages or outposts in territory that Israel liberated during the 1967 war, even if those towns and villages had existed before 1948 and were captured by the Egyptians or Jordanians then.


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