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What is the meaning of sevenfold in Hindi?

Meaning of sevenfold in Hindi is : सातगुना

Definition of word sevenfold

  • Seven times as much; multiplied by seven. (adjective)
  • Having seven parts. (adjective)
  • By a factor of seven. (adverb)

Examples of word sevenfold

  • Winthrop looked at him, as if to see whether he were cased in sevenfold learning.
  • Still, the fact that Amazon ended the Christmas selling season with an inventory of $221 million, up "sevenfold" (according to Mr. Hansell) from the prior year suggests that whatever is rotten is not limited to the state of Denmark.
  • Ps.lxxix. 11, 12 is about to be rewarded "sevenfold," in answer to the prayers which had been offered.
  • [337] As Nin-Girau, Tammuz was associated with "sevenfold" Orion.
  • Spirit of life and love and power, and dost his sevenfold graces shower upon us all.


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