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What is the meaning of sevenpenny in Hindi?

Meaning of sevenpenny in Hindi is :

Definition of word sevenpenny

  • Having a value or cost of sevenpence. (adjective)

Examples of word sevenpenny

  • "Three sixpenny and four sevenpenny," I said casually, flicking the dust off my shoes with a handkerchief.
  • "Sixpenny or sevenpenny?" said the girl, trying to put me off my balance at the very beginning.
  • In England, an edition of 5,000 copies a fortnight was the rule for many months after the one-volume edition appeared; hundreds of thousands have been circulated in the sixpenny and sevenpenny editions; it has been translated into most foreign tongues; and it is still, after thirty years, a living book.
  • I also bought off him a couple of well-worn sevenpenny novels.
  • It is to be added that the tremendous supply of sevenpenny bound volumes of modern fiction, and of shilling bound volumes of modern belles-lettres
  • Shaw, Hewlett, and Hope have written an official account of their impressions of the great sevenpenny question, and it appears in the current number of the _Author_.
  • It is comforting to perceive that this wickedness on the part of the sevenpenny reprint cannot indefinitely continue.
  • Well, it is notorious that if the sevenpenny publishers are publishing one particular book just now, that book is "Kipps."
  • Did the mandarins imagine that they were going to stop the sevenpenny, that anything could stop it?
  • Thirdly, the sevenpenny reprint of the popular novel is ruining the already ruined six-shilling novel.