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What is the meaning of sew in Hindi?

Meaning of sew in Hindi is : सीलाई करना

Definition of word sew

Examples of word sew

  • Everyday this month, Sew, Mama, Sew is featuring a post about quilting -- on techniques, projects that you can make and post and exchange, articles on different kinds of quilts written by experts.
  • Like every girl has done at one point or another, La La must cheer up Dice post-weigh-in and succeeds thanks largely to a catchy acoustic song we like to call "Sew Your Mouth."
  • The directions were in a Tonne Finnanger book that I have called Sew Pretty Homestyle.
  • RATHBUN (voice-over): Emmie sews for the volunteer organization called Sew Much Comfort.
  • CMC, the show called Sew Much More on the DIY network just recently showed how to put in a waist stay.


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