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What is the meaning of sexualized in Hindi?

Meaning of sexualized in Hindi is :

Definition of word sexualized

  • Simple past tense and past participle of sexualize. (verb)

Examples of word sexualized

  • I think girls and women have sexualized from the beginning of time, if you view the history of woman as property and a woman was only as good as her virginity and her dowery.
  • ... except that advertisers capitalize on male hetero-sexuality by offering up women in sexualized positions, the cumulative effect of which is to feed into certain social expectations of what women should be.
  • Also in the 1970s, final girls and victims alike suffered from what Syracuse University professor Kendall Phillips calls "sexualized terror," wherein any woman who was sexually active got axed or knifed or strangled or garroted.
  • Don't get me wrong, I am not discounting why this would unsettle any female reader (in much the same way I'm always unsettled by the Atlas-like physique every male hero seems to sport) I just don't think we should be surprised after seeing women 'sexualized' or put on a fantasy pedestal in the medium that's been doing it longer than just about any other except classical painting ...
  • The Meat and Spirit Plan presents us with the first-person narrative of the life of a young southern girl (unnamed) who floats through her school years in a kind of sexualized haze and ultimately winds up in a Scottish university studying in the "Postmodern Seminar for the Study of Interpretive Uses" in the religion department.


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