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What is the meaning of shake in Hindi?

Meaning of shake in Hindi is : हिलाव

Definition of word shake

Examples of word shake

  • And he devised the plan which he called Shake The Tree, which was a-- a unique, almost an intelligence covert action operation, which the -- the purpose of which was to force the Iraqis into revealing how they were hiding these weapons that the UN was trying to ban.
  • It looks like somebody majored in Shake 'n' Bake at some mail-order culinary school.
  • Oh yeah, and the Peanut Butter Shake is to die for.
  • Style | Shake is making a dress designer out of everyone, giving anybody the opportunity to create something as unique as their individual personality.
  • The story called Shake, which is now replace with a message from Derek Haas himself, told the tale of an FBI agent who is battling his own body and the elements while trying to track down a killer.


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