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What is the meaning of shake in Hindi?

Meaning of shake in Hindi is : हिलाव

Definition of word shake

  • To cause (something) to move rapidly in opposite directions alternatingly. (verb)
  • To move (one's head) from side to side, especially to indicate a negative. (verb)
  • To disturb emotionally; to shock. (verb)
  • To lose, evade, or get rid of (something). (verb)
  • To move from side to side. (verb)
  • To shake hands. (verb)
  • To dance. (verb)
  • The act of shaking something. (noun)
  • A milkshake. (noun)
  • A beverage made by adding ice cream to a (usually carbonated) drink; a float. (noun)
  • Shake cannabis, small, leafy fragments of cannabis that gather at the bottom of a bag of marijuana. (noun)
  • A thin shingle. (noun)
  • A crack or split between the growth rings in wood. (noun)
  • Instant, second. (Esp. in two shakes.) (noun)

Examples of word shake

  • I don't propose to have "-- _shake_ --" an old windbag offering _me_ his blubbery old bosom "-- _shake, shake, SHAKE_ --" at this time of my life!
  • * twist n kik & twist n kik * * shake shake shake*—- oops, ai meen ..
  • Richardson derives it from the same root with the other _jog_, which means to shake, ( "A.S. _sceac-an_, to _shake_, or _shock_, or
  • _ You go back home "-- _shake, shake, shake_ --" and sober up, you old gander, you! "
  • V. iii.100 (435,2) Constrains them weep, and shake] That is, _constrain_ the eye to _weep_, _and_ the heart to _shake_.


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