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What is the meaning of shake up in Hindi?

Meaning of shake up in Hindi is :

Definition of word shake up

  • A vigorous reorganization, especially of the personnel or procedures of an organization. (noun)

Examples of word shake up

  • The rationale behind this forthcoming shakeup is that it will give Yahoo a more united front.
  • WALLACE: Let me ask you -- we're almost out of time, Governor -- I know the campaign doesn't like to use the word shakeup inside the Kerry campaign, but how else do you explain?
  • One would think this type of shakeup is better done right after an election, so that it’s not a wedge issue by the time people are running again.
  • The most significant change in the shakeup was the replacement of the interior minister, Habib el-Adly, who heads internal security forces and is widely despised by protesters for the brutality some officers have shown.
  • In making Friday's announcement, the network said the shakeup is the result of "a transition from a launch phase to a more long-term focus on business and creative strategy, development and execution."


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