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What is the meaning of shame in Hindi?

Meaning of shame in Hindi is : हया

Definition of word shame

  • Uncomfortable or painful feeling due to recognition or consciousness of impropriety, dishonor, or other wrong in the opinion of the person experiencing the feeling. It is caused by awareness of exposure of circumstances of unworthiness or of improper or indecent conduct. (noun)
  • Something to regret. (noun)
  • That which is shameful and private, especially on the personal body. (noun)
  • A cry of admonition for the subject of a speech, often used reduplicated, especially in political debates. (interjection)
  • Expressing sympathy. (interjection)
  • To feel shame, be ashamed. (verb)
  • To cause to feel shame. (verb)

Examples of word shame

  • April 15th, 2009 at 6:16 pm what is he so afraid of that he has to lower his head? shame, I say..shame. plain and simple
  • Half the bottle is sitting *for shame for shame* on the top shelf of my fridge.
  • How he dares to do anything but hang his head in shame is beyond me.
  • "The word shame came cropping up in those interviews," McQueen said.
  • Somebody please verify their names, so we the people can force them to resign in shame from the Senate?


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