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What is the meaning of shaming in Hindi?

Meaning of shaming in Hindi is : शर्मनाक

Definition of word shaming

  • The activity of shaming (see the verb shame). (noun)
  • Present participle of shame. (verb)

Examples of word shaming

    • The present system of hyper-focus and shaming is not working, and I hate to see proposals like this, that would indoctrinate a whole new generation of kids into these obsessive and unhealthy perspectives.
    • I noted that fat shaming is sexist as long as it is done differently to men and women mostly because I'm hopelessly pedantic.
    • I wrote a blog post about Perez Hilton's misogyny, citing the recent situation with Prejean as a primary example, and attempting to point out that "slut-shaming" is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot if you care about gay activism.
    • All the terrible guys I had encountered that night had really succeeded in shaming me tonight, even when they weren't there.
    • Bullying and shaming is wrong even when it is done inadvertently and makes us realize how easy it is to fall into that type of thinking.


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