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What is the meaning of shew in Hindi?

Meaning of shew in Hindi is : सिद्ध करना

Definition of word shew

  • Alternative form of show. (verb)
  • Simple past of show. (verb)
  • A show. (noun)

Examples of word shew

  • Their _charge_ or injunction would shew them insensible of his wrongs, and make them _shew like enemies_.
  • I. i.199 (14,8) [And shew what we alone must think] And _shew_ by realities what we now _must only think_.
  • My speech is plaine, without any rhetoricall shew of eloquence, hauing rather a regard to simple truth, than to decking words.
  • Their titles shew the pastoral taste [4]: -- _Spring_,
  • Three articles stand in it: the table for the so - called shew-bread, the great lampstand, and the golden altar of incense.