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What is the meaning of shewes in Hindi?

Meaning of shewes in Hindi is :

Definition of word shewes

Examples of word shewes

  • My Musick shewes you have your closes, and all must die.
  • You are a perverse generation, meerely false in your fairest shewes.
  • Making signes before him, as if he were both dumbe and deafe; he manifested, that he craved an Almes for Gods sake, making shewes beside, that if need required, he could cleave wood, or doe any reasonable kinde of service.
  • Woman, because every where else they understoode her not, nor shee them, but by shewes and signes.
  • Hugnetto, and their Wives, and not knowing how hee came to bee thus empoysoned (because their Sister seemed to bemoane his sodaine death, with as apparant shewes of mourning, as they could possibly expresse) they buried him very honourably, and so all suspition ceased.