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What is the meaning of shewing in Hindi?

Meaning of shewing in Hindi is :

Definition of word shewing

  • Present participle of shew. (verb)

Examples of word shewing

  • It bore the inscription + Benvenutus + on one side, and on the other + me fecit +, in Saxon characters; the name shewing that the maker was an Italian, the crosses probably implying that he (or the owner, if made to order) was a Christian; while from the Saxon lettering we should infer that the Italian sword-cutler exercised his craft in the north of Europe.
  • And the girle did conduct him to her maistres house, which dwelt in a streate called Marpertugio, a name shewing the honestie of the streate, wher she dwelt.
  • "It's a sign of" – Mr. Esthwaite would have said "fever," but Eleanor had composedly faced him, and he was silent; only busied himself in shewing Mr. Amos out, without a word that he ought not to have spoken.
  • He gave up, however, his project, forgetting the chace when he no longer heard the hounds, and desired Mr. Dubster to proceed in shewing his lions?
  • Right worshipfull, this small treatie (written in Dutch, shewing