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What is the meaning of shews in Hindi?

Meaning of shews in Hindi is :

Definition of word shews

  • Plural form of shew. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shew. (verb)

Examples of word shews

    • Captain shews them his game: while they examine it, the Captain loads his gun.
    • Lord's word; [1009] for the regeneration, as indeed the name shews, is
    • You believe him to be so gracious as to give his only begotten Son; yet the way in which you treat him, as to his word shews that you do not believe him to be willing to give his Spirit to make known his truth.
    • Besides the reason of the thing, the form of the expression shews the meaning of it, "I could wish;" that is, I would be content to do or suffer almost any thing for their salvation; insomuch, that I could wish, if it were fit, and lawful, and reasonable, to make such a wish, to be accursed from Christ for their sakes.
    • That the work which Mai has brought to light is but a highly condensed exhibition of the original, (and scarcely that,) its very title shews; for it is headed, — “An abridged selection from the ‘Inquiries and Resolutions [of difficulties] in the Gospels’ by Eusebius.” (