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What is the meaning of shield in Hindi?

Meaning of shield in Hindi is : ढ़ाल

Definition of word shield

  • A broad piece of defensive armor, carried on the arm, formerly in general use in war, for the protection of the body. (noun)
  • Anything which protects or defends; defense; shelter; protection. (noun)
  • Figuratively, one who protects or defends. (noun)
  • In lichens, a hardened cup or disk surrounded by a rim and containing the fructification, or asci. (noun)
  • The escutcheon or field on which are placed the bearings in coats of arms. (noun)
  • A large expanse of exposed stable Precambrian rock. (noun)
  • A framework used to protect workmen in making an adit under ground, and capable of being pushed along as excavation progresses. (noun)
  • A spot resembling, or having the form of a shield. (noun)
  • A coin, the old French crown, or écu, having on one side the figure of a shield. (noun)
  • A field of energy which protects or defends. (noun)
  • A police badge. (noun)
  • A sign or symbol, usually containing numbers and sometimes letters, identifying a highway route. (noun)
  • To protect, to defend. (verb)
  • to protect from the influence of (verb)

Examples of word shield

  • The girl who went to the office wearing the shield and armor of her work, now appears in society _without that shield_.
  • See gehðo. geolo, adj., _yellow_: acc.sg. geolwe linde (_the shield of yellow linden bark_), 2611. geolo-rand, st. m., _yellow shield_ (shield with a covering of interlaced yellow linden bark): acc.sg.,
  • _mine_ is a possessive pronoun, for it takes the place of a noun, _this shield is mine_ being equivalent to _this shield is my shield_.
  • The shield itself denotes "the _shield_ of faith;" on the four divisions are emblazoned "the _girdle_ of truth;" "the _breast-plate_ of righteousness;" "_feet_, shod with the gospel of peace," and "the
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