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What is the meaning of shoegaze in Hindi?

Meaning of shoegaze in Hindi is :

Definition of word shoegaze

  • Shoegazing, an introspective genre of alternative rock popular in the 1990s which made extensive use of guitar effects (noun)
  • To perform in the shoegazing style (verb)

Examples of word shoegaze

    • Buzzing with the synaesthetic beauty of so-called shoegaze forebears, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (pictured above) create swirling anthems that function just fine as daydreams.
    • Anyway before you know it, there's something called shoegaze and a bunch of bands in the firing line because the music papers need something new to write about and so everyone moved on but it seems time has been rather kinder than expected to the shoegaze bands.
    • Bryan Derballa A woman at a block party at Monster Island on Metropolitan Avenue and River Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Marketing It 's Hard to Be a Hipster Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, trucker hats worn ironically, affection for obscure musical genres like "shoegaze": These are the telltale signs of the species known as the hipster.
    • The term "shoegaze," in this context, is more of an instruction than a description - one that applies as much to the audience as it does to the performer.
    • I'm not sure where year zero would be … For my money The Velvet Underground were probably the first "shoegaze" band, so we we're probably way down the line somewhere.


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