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What is the meaning of shoeless in Hindi?

Meaning of shoeless in Hindi is :

Definition of word shoeless

  • Without shoes (adjective)

Examples of word shoeless

  • Lest there be any misunderstanding or any tendency toward mythmaking, let the record show that Michael Jeffrey Jordan arrived in this world shoeless, which is to say
  • "shoeless," etc.; why merely "uneventful," a form only one letter longer, it is true, but built up to "eventful" to be pulled down to
  • In the video and comic Five Boroughs of the Soul (2004), he traipses New York's asphalt, shoeless.
  • We are sprawled shoeless around the courtyard of the Creole Gardens, and are all tired and happy and making dinner plans.
  • But then again, as a shoeless "pinche chilango" (flip-flops don't count as shoes, do they?) out here in provincia ...


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