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What is the meaning of shot in Hindi?

Meaning of shot in Hindi is : सुई

Definition of word shot

  • Worn out. (adjective)
  • Woven from warp and weft strands of different colours, resulting in an iridescent appearance. (adjective)
  • tired, weary (adjective)
  • The result of launching a projectile or bullet. (noun)
  • The act of launching a ball or similar object toward a goal. (noun)
  • The heavy iron ball used for the shot put. (noun)
  • Small metal balls used as ammunition. (noun)
  • Metal balls (or similar) used as ammunition; not necessarily small. (noun)
  • Someone who shoots (a gun) regularly (noun)
  • An opportunity or attempt. (noun)
  • A remark or comment, especially one which is critical or insulting. (noun)
  • A punch or other physical blow. (noun)
  • A measure of alcohol, usually spirits, as taken either from a shot-glass or directly from the bottle, equivalent to about 44 milliliters; 1.5 ounces. ("pony shot"= 30 milliliters; 1 fluid ounce) (noun)
  • A single serving of espresso. (noun)
  • A single unbroken sequence of photographic film exposures, or the digital equivalent; an unedited sequence of frames. (noun)
  • A vaccination or injection. (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of shoot. (verb)
  • To load (a gun) with shot. (verb)
  • A charge to paid, a scot or shout. (noun)
  • Thank you. (interjection)

Examples of word shot

  • Keyana Bates murder 6/15/2009 Forest Park, IL * Victim was shot while in her car, another person in car was also shot*
  • It come upon me like a shot -- _my shot_ was nothing to it! "
  • The $16, 000 mistake: Robber shoots himself in foot HIS job was to guard the doors while his gang robbed a bank, but he instead gave the term 'shot himself in the foot' a whole new meaning.
  • The winner gets a title shot at Barack "Bam Bam" Obama in 2012.
  • When he got his title shot against Ali, at Highbury in 1966, the result was the same, only without the frisson of excitement, and Cooper was the first to admit his moment had already come and gone in a crimson blur.


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