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What is the meaning of showman in Hindi?

Meaning of showman in Hindi is : प्रदर्शनकार

Definition of word showman

  • a person who owns or runs a fairground. (noun)
  • a theatrical impresario or promoter, someone resembling this. (noun)

Examples of word showman

    • Adam Lambert, that showman from a season past, knew how to be a true entertainer and connect with audiences.
    • Associated Press Steve Jobs, shown at an event in 2007, was known as a showman.
    • My guess as a showman is that this 'fraidy-cat policy will cost this movie at least a million domestic at the box office.
    • And, catching a look in Hiram's eyes that seemed to hint at something, he called the showman aside.
    • Walker was always known as a showman, and for the next generation of event coordinators, they just want to put on a show.


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