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What is the meaning of shrewd in Hindi?

Meaning of shrewd in Hindi is : सही

Definition of word shrewd

Examples of word shrewd

  • Shrewd and successful people – like Harry Chandler of the Los Angeles Times, for example – were drawn to him because they thought Brinkley was one of them, a kindred spirit.
  • Leila also takes away the Shrewd Observation Award for looking out at the crowd and noting that “there is such a thing as an ageing nerd market”.
  • Shrewd because it pre-emptively forgives, or retroactively explains, his past friendliness to and support of Mr. Obama.
  • Shrewd publicity campaigns and Daisy's charismatic recruiting talks attracted donations and endorsements.
  • Shrewd people, yes, but not bright problem solvers who wish to serve.


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