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What is the meaning of shrug in Hindi?

Meaning of shrug in Hindi is : स्कंध कंपन

Definition of word shrug

  • A lifting of the shoulders to signal indifference. (noun)
  • A cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves, typically knitted. (noun)
  • To raise the shoulders to express a lack of knowledge or certainty. (verb)
  • To raise the shoulders to express a lack of concern or worry. (verb)

Examples of word shrug

  • The reason we are told with a shrug is always the same: This is Serbia.
  • (Seriously, that shrug is just as tired as a group of CBS sitcom cast members dancing in an ad.)
  • I imagine you got some sympathy and a shoulder shrug from the officials, not that they were dismissing you but its pretty nervy to go complain about noise.
  • When I ask, how do you know your partner loves you, many people shrug and utter the short worded response, 'I just know'.
  • Thompson had said that the smart people just 'shrug' - unfortunately, it's not just the 'smart people' anymore, but it's the financial experts, military generals, and people in charge of the country - Democrat or Republican.