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What is the meaning of shuck in Hindi?

Meaning of shuck in Hindi is : भूसी

Definition of word shuck

  • The shell or husk, especially of grains (e.g. corn/maize) or nuts (e.g. walnuts). (noun)
  • A fraud; a scam. (noun)
  • A phony. (noun)
  • To remove the shuck from (walnuts, oysters, etc.). (verb)
  • To remove (any outer covering). (verb)
  • To fool; to hoax. (verb)

Examples of word shuck

  • Perhaps you can enlighten us Hillary supporters (who are slapping our foreheads over Cuomo's embarrassing use of the term shuck and jive) as to why she things that coming across as a racist and using racists in her campaign will help her win the nomination and the election.
  • Make no mistake though that in the South the term shuck and jive is a reference to the stupidity of niggers.
  • Aw de colored peoples wear wha 'dey call shuck hat den cause dey been make outer shuck.
  • “It feels to me more like the Today show environment, where you can kind of shuck and jive a little bit.”
  • The trees were jarred daily from the time the calyx or "shuck" began to slip from the newly set fruit until the beetles had disappeared, or for at least four or five weeks.


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