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What is the meaning of sick in Hindi?

Meaning of sick in Hindi is : हैरान

Definition of word sick

  • In poor health (adjective)
  • Mentally unstable, disturbed. (adjective)
  • In bad taste. (adjective)
  • Having an urge to vomit. (adjective)
  • Very good, excellent, awesome. (adjective)
  • In poor condition (adjective)
  • failing to sustain adequate harvests of crop, usually specified. (adjective)
  • To be tired with or annoyed of something. (adjective)
  • this sense?) Sick people in general as a group. (noun)
  • vomit. (noun)
  • To fall sick; to sicken. (verb)
  • Alternative spelling of sic. (verb)

Examples of word sick

  • I'm sick, I'm _sick_ of life, and you don't show you care for me a little bit.
  • My little mother -- you're sick, you're really _sick_, and I didn't know and I spoke so harshly.
  • "I will gladly endure all and every privation; for I am sick, _sick_ of worming secrets from trusting friends, and spying upon those who shelter me."
  • "Sometimes," he said, low and passionately, "sometimes I am sick with longing for her -- _sick_!"
  • If you do go sick, it will be so obvious, your boss will be looking for a way to get back at you and you will probably not even enjoy your ’sick day’ As you may be left with mixed feelings of guilt, revenge and spitefulness etc,etc… towards the w**ker that you have for a boss.


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