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What is the meaning of sicken in Hindi?

Meaning of sicken in Hindi is : बीमार होना

Definition of word sicken

  • To make ill. (verb)
  • To become ill. (verb)
  • To fill with disgust or abhorrence. (verb)
  • To be filled with disgust or abhorrence. (verb)
  • To become disgusting or tedious. (verb)
  • To become weak; to decay; to languish. (verb)

Examples of word sicken

  • The chronicler stated simply that "the following month [August] Louis, the son of King Philip, began to sicken from a most serious illness, which is called dysentery by the physicians."
  • Now Rabbi Yoffie says wars "sicken" him, even the wars he supports.
  • After enduring sufferings such as sicken one in the bare recital the remnant staggered into the settlements, more dead than alive.
  • Senators Coburn, Sessions, Kyl, Graham, et. al, sicken me with their condescension and rudeness to Judge Sotomayor.
  • Here, Sheldon Harris reported, they would have to eat food laced with one of 31 germs — anthrax-filled chocolate, plague-treated cookies, typhus-infected beer — or be injected directly with deadly pathogens to determine the minimal dose required to sicken or kill them.


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