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What is the meaning of sickly in Hindi?

Meaning of sickly in Hindi is : सुस्ती से

Definition of word sickly

  • Frequently ill; often in poor health; given to becoming ill. (adjective)
  • Having the appearance of sickness or ill health; appearing ill, infirm or unhealthy; pale. (adjective)
  • Weak; faint; suggesting unhappiness. (adjective)
  • To make sickly. (verb)

Examples of word sickly

  • The reason that “sicklist” prayers are so sickly is that they do not often truly “hunger and thirst for righteousness.” yet at the same time they are appropriate, for a longing for Shalom, a longing for peace, includes the holistic restoration of all that was lost in the fall, including physical illness and infirmaties.
  • I only meant to say that we are both ... since you don't like the word sickly
  • The emptiness of it all is to be hidden under the esctasy – contorted faces, twisted limbs, saints, whose only true passion is the dread of their own engulfing doubt, which they try to drown in sickly exaltation.
  • "All right, captain," Charley said to the disconsolate yachtsman, who smiled in sickly fashion at the title.
  • The fact of the health of the young and healthier person being, as it were, stolen to support that of the more aged and sickly is well established among the medical faculty.


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