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What is the meaning of signal in Hindi?

Meaning of signal in Hindi is : स‌ंज्ञापित करना

Definition of word signal

Examples of word signal

  • It stood on what they termed Signal Cliff, and was meant to attract the attention of any vessel that might chance to pass.
  • Signal is a new product aimed at making it easy for professionals to view streaming updates and news.
  • The latest Mind Meld over at SF Signal is on the book that introduced you to fantasy.
  • Thanks to the good folks at St Martin's, SF Signal is offering folks a chance to sample the first four chapters of Hater by David Moody, a tense thriller that is being produced for the big screen by Guillermo del Toro.
  • Courtesy of New Video, SF Signal is giving away 2 digital copies of the documentary Mind Meld from iTunes.


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