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What is the meaning of signal in Hindi?

Meaning of signal in Hindi is : स‌ंज्ञापित करना

Definition of word signal

  • An indication given to another person. (noun)
  • An on-off light, semaphore, or other device used to give an indication to another person. (noun)
  • An electrical or electromagnetic action, normally a voltage that is a function of time that conveys the information of the radio or TV program or of communication with another party. (noun)
  • Useful information. (noun)
  • A simple interprocess communication used to notify a process or thread of an occurrence. (noun)
  • To indicate. (verb)
  • Standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement. (adjective)

Examples of word signal

  • This became a spam signal because it is so easy to create large database driven websites, but in the case of many sites it is also a good * quality signal* because the site may be very info rich, covering basically every mile of the Oregon Coast Highway 101 in good, objective detail.
  • The issue is not really “signaling”: everybody knows that the FDIC guarantee makes your (fractional reserve) bank account safer; there is no need to *signal* the fact (signaling is necessary only in the absence of a government guarantee, and even then it’s impossible to signal *that the government guarantees your account*, since it doesn’t).
  • But does his willingness to press such a hot-button issue so early in his term signal an effort to change American hearts as well as minds?
  • The proposition that this can be taken as a signal is an empirical argument that has not been supported.
  • One thing against 802. 11n — despite the throughputs, the quality of the signal is almost always a game of chance.


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