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What is the meaning of signs in Hindi?

Meaning of signs in Hindi is :

Definition of word signs

  • Plural form of sign. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sign. (verb)

Examples of word signs

    • By appealing to the role of conventions, it is thought, we can distinguish linguistic signs, the meaningful use of words, from mere natural Ëœsignsâ„¢.
    • Passion of sudden death! that once in youth I read and interpreted by the shadows of thy averted signs [Footnote: "_Averted signs_": -- I read the course and changes of the lady's agony in the succession of her involuntary gestures; but it must be remembered that I read all this from the rear, never once catching the lady's full face, and even her profile imperfectly.]!
    • Proglem is google initially replaces all your blank spaces with + signs, the +signs with a \% 2B code and so on.
    • Morgan Chase & Co.'s report last week showing that fourth-quarter profit jumped 47% amid what it called signs of strength among U.S. consumers and businesses.
    • And trying to read the signs is amusing, because a lot of thm just say "Thank you."


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