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What is the meaning of simulated in Hindi?

Meaning of simulated in Hindi is : नकली

Definition of word simulated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of simulate. (verb)
  • made to imitate something else; artificial (adjective)

Examples of word simulated

    • On platforms other than Windows, InnoDB internally arranged its I/O calls as if they were asynchronous (leading to the term simulated asynchronous I/O), but behind the scenes the query thread really would block until the request finished.
    • You run lots and lots of tests in simulated environments on Earth, to increase confidence that the rover will perform well on Mars.
    • Time being simulated is roughly 15 seconds a “segment” – so many segments make a “turn”.
    • Hard to believe I was alive during a time when the best we could hope for in simulated sports actions was a vibrating table with little plastic guys.
    • Emphatically no! They are all required to observe both theory and practice, reflect and understand how things actually work, document their understanding and insight, and then extensively exhibit their proficiency in simulated or real-world settings that provide their masters with the ability to not only judge success, but also fine tune to create proficiency.


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