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What is the meaning of sin in Hindi?

Meaning of sin in Hindi is : सिन

Definition of word sin

  • A symbol of the trigonometric function sine. (noun)
  • A violation of God's will or religious law. (noun)
  • A misdeed. (noun)
  • To commit a sin. (verb)
  • A letter of the Hebrew alphabet; שׂ (noun)
  • A letter of the Arabic alphabet; س (noun)

Examples of word sin

  • _Oh! this people have sinned a great sin, and have made them gods of gold -- Yet now, if than wilt forgive their sin_
  • I know all about Nancy, and her first husband and how he left her, and she thought he was dead, and married a good man, and when that worthless devil came back she thought she was living in sin with that good man -- in _sin_!
  • And sin is _sin_ -- it is rebellion against the King of Heaven.
  • The common idea, then, is, that the justice of God consists in punishing sin: it is in the hope of giving a larger idea of the justice of God in punishing sin that I ask, '_Why is God bound to punish sin_?'
  • 'Whosoever committeth sin, is the servant of _sin_;' the revised version gives, 'Every one that committeth sin is the bondservant of


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