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What is the meaning of sincerity in Hindi?

Meaning of sincerity in Hindi is : सच्चाई

Definition of word sincerity

  • The quality or state of being sincere; honesty of mind or intention; freedom from simulation, hypocrisy, disguise, or false pretense. (noun)

Examples of word sincerity

  • But it is precisely because it is so rare and unexpected that his story catches our attention, almost provokes our amusement - in a fashion reminiscent of the cartoon of a young woman carrying a 'Make love not war' banner, stark naked, and with a bystander exclaiming, 'Now that's what I call sincerity!'
  • "That's what we call sincerity, daughter," said Mrs. Bobbsey.
  • To be fool enough to believe a ramping, stamping, thumping lie: that is what you call sincerity!
  • Yet there is very little of that indefinable quality, which we call sincerity, about the score.
  • Great Nature's own gift; which she bestows on all; but which only one in the thousand does not cast sorrowfully away: it is what I call sincerity of vision; the test of a sincere heart.


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