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What is the meaning of singer in Hindi?

Meaning of singer in Hindi is : गायिका

Definition of word singer

  • person who sings, is able to sing, or earns a living by singing (noun)
  • dance figure with a fixed structure, sung by a caller, or a piece of music with that structure. See square dance singer. (noun)
  • A person who, or device that singes (noun)

Examples of word singer

  • Hadn't the idea surfaced in staff meetings that the company should ask another name singer to stand by?
  • Also the title singer was kindly accorded me even though I could barely carry a tune.
  • "If you were to look up the word singer in the dictionary, you'd see their names," Adele said in an interview.
  • The What's My Name singer will produce and appear in the unnamed show, the winner of which will create an outfit for her headline appearance at this summer's Wireless Festival in London.
  • Though best known for the 1988 hit "Don't Worry, Be Happy," the term singer has never suited McFerrin.


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