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What is the meaning of singsong in Hindi?

Meaning of singsong in Hindi is : सुर ताल पर चलते हुए ले जाना

Definition of word singsong

  • Like a piece of singsong; simple and melodic, varying in pitch (of tone of voice etc.) (adjective)
  • A piece of verse with a simple, song-like rhythm. (noun)
  • An informal gathering at which songs are sung; a singing session. (noun)
  • To utter in a singsong voice. (verb)
  • To write poor poetry. (verb)

Examples of word singsong

  • I also fluff thier pillow and read them their favorite jihad passages from the Koran, in singsong fashion.
  • And for all her grandmotherly warmth, Pelosi's peppy bursts of enthusiasm and penchant for speaking in singsong phrases — "We've gotta win, not whine!" — make her come across like a cheerfully energetic PTA mom rather than a party leader capable of swaying national opinion.
  • As Stephanopoulos himself cozily recalls, his War Room buddy James Carville screamed in singsong when they scored a press hit on a political opponent (in language that would be unimaginable in Myers’s PG-rated book): “He’s going to have a clus-ter-fuck; he’s going to have a clus-ter-fuck.”
  • Have dinner with Husband’s high school friend; afterwards, tease Husband unmercifully, repeating “you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike her” in singsong tones until he stops speaking to me.
  • A woman's powerful voice called a singsong phrase, and the children replied in a penetrating chorus, punctuating each phrase with unison claps.