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What is the meaning of sinuous in Hindi?

Meaning of sinuous in Hindi is : लहरदार

Definition of word sinuous

  • Having curves in alternate directions; meandering. (adjective)
  • Moving gracefully and supplely. (adjective)

Examples of word sinuous

    • This collection takes the somatic marks of classicism: the curved, the leg, the serigraphy on the crystals and changes them in sinuous shapes, gentle and modern, joining them to perfection.
    • Or how about neon that followed the contours of natural objects, such as trees or rocks, in sinuous organic shapes, as part of the Queen's garden?
    • Wreathed attractively in sinuous tendrils of aromatic smoke we discussed the infringement of property rights, the misrepresentation of passive smoking and the bovine passivity of the nation confronted with this outrage.
    • While it looks very artificial with limited aperture and possibly like it could have been formed by a glancing blow from a small asteroid, it's actually a volcanic/tectonic feature called a sinuous rille.
    • When it was over and they'd gone -- the fat woman again somehow managing a gait which could only be called sinuous -- Bors said abruptly, "What's this event you know of, a year ahead?"


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