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What is the meaning of sizable in Hindi?

Meaning of sizable in Hindi is : वृहदाकार

Definition of word sizable

  • fairly large (adjective)

Examples of word sizable

  • On Wednesday, a group of 27 U.S. senators, Democrats and one Independent, sent a letter to President Obama urging what they called a "sizable and sustained" drawdown and a shift of course in U.S. strategy.
  • Acting Fire Department Chief John Garvey said negotiations with Flanders had been ongoing and that department employees had agreed to what he called "sizable" cuts.
  • A McCain aide will only say that the amount is, quote, unquote, "sizable" -- Heidi?
  • Economists on both sides of the political aisle said that this was simply not believable, especially given McCain's other proposals to a) cut individual and corporate taxes even further, b) extend the Bush tax cuts and c) massively increase defense spending on manpower (200,000 more troops) and d) maintain a long-term sizable military presence in Iraq.
  • He'd get a few nice pick-ups, maybe break a sizable run, then not see the ball for another three series.


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