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What is the meaning of size in Hindi?

Meaning of size in Hindi is : हालत

Definition of word size

  • A thin, weak glue used as primer for paper or canvas intended to be painted upon. (noun)
  • Wallpaper paste. (noun)
  • The thickened crust on coagulated blood. (noun)
  • To apply glue or other primer to a surface which is to be painted. (verb)
  • To adjust the size of; to make a certain size. (verb)
  • To classify or arrange by size. (verb)
  • To approximate the dimensions, estimate the size of. (verb)
  • To take greater size; to increase in size. (verb)
  • To order food or drink from the buttery; hence, to enter a score, as upon the buttery book. (verb)

Examples of word size

  • Since a specified size described as “nominal size” can never exactly be found two dimensions are necessary between which the actual size may vary.
  • The solution: create a structure with the standard elements, allocate too much memory, and the rest is the element. struct dyn_list int size; struct dyn_list* next; void* node_alloc (unsigned int size)/* returns pointer to element */struct dyn_list* h = malloc (sizeof (struct dyn_list) +size);
  • ; ~ LV_GetText (name, A_EventInfo,1); ~ LV_GetText (size, A_EventInfo,2); ~ tooltip, Name: \% name\%\%A_Tab\%Size: \% size\%
  • IfGreaterOrEqual, offset, % size%, return A_ThisFunc "> Offset is bigger then size"
  • DriveType - eq foreach ($ObjDisk in $objDrives) $size = $objDisk. size / 1024


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