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What is the meaning of sizeable in Hindi?

Meaning of sizeable in Hindi is : बड़ा

Definition of word sizeable

  • fairly large (adjective)

Examples of word sizeable

  • At least they can credit you with bring in sizeable tourism.
  • But if the failure of the cablegram on that first day may be called an immense disaster, where is the dictionary that can turn out a phrase sizeable enough to describe the tenth day's failure?
  • The buried material had "overflowed" its excavation site and was growing into what some described as a sizeable mound.
  • The yield on the benchmark 10-year Italian bond peaked earlier Wednesday at 7.09%, despite what some traders described as sizeable bond purchases by the ECB, before dipping back to 6.95% around 1548 GMT.
  • But misdial a toll-free number and you could wind up connected to a con artist who wants to sneak a sizeable charge on to your phone bill.


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