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What is the meaning of skull in Hindi?

Meaning of skull in Hindi is : दिमाग

Definition of word skull

  • The main bones of the head considered as a unit; the cranium. (noun)
  • A symbol for death; death's-head (noun)
  • To hit in the head with a fist, a weapon, or a thrown object. (verb)

Examples of word skull

  • In most cases the skull is abnormally small or misshapen, particularly at the back, according to the Mayo Clinic Web site, one of the sources White consulted.
  • I would not be very grateful to anyone who did that to my dog, but attacking someone and fracturing their skull is an over reaction.
  • Elayna gave me a gorgeous carved soapstone skull - the skull is all lacy curlicues, and you can see the brain inside, and its beautiful and perfect.
  • Also, tell the writers that the skull is a McGuffin.
  • I believe a fist to the back of the skull is actually considered a great show of respect in the Phillipines.