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What is the meaning of slang in Hindi?

Meaning of slang in Hindi is : शिष्टेतर भाषा बोलना

Definition of word slang

  • Language outside of conventional usage. (noun)
  • Language that is unique to a particular profession or subject; jargon. (noun)
  • The specialized language of a social group, sometimes used to make what is said unintelligible to those not members of the group; cant. (noun)
  • To vocally abuse, or shout at. (verb)

Examples of word slang

  • One of the aspects of coolness they note in slang is a playfulness, a sense of fun with the language.
  • A journalist writes to ask about tween-speak, which he defines as slang spoken by people between the age of 8 and 12.
  • The dreary _ennui_ of the heart, _ennui_ that revolts at truth, that is nauseated by earnestness, expresses itself in what we call slang, and slang is the sign of mental disease.
  • And did you notice that 'slang' is one of those words that looks weird after you've seen it a few times in a row?
  • Regardless of how back-formations are formed, they are often initially considered to be irregular, even ignorant, and suitable only for informal use in slang or jokes.


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