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What is the meaning of slaveless in Hindi?

Meaning of slaveless in Hindi is :

Definition of word slaveless

  • Without a slave or slaves. (adjective)

Examples of word slaveless

  • When poor and slaveless and, naturally, when no longer young, they must work in the house and in the field, but this lot is not singular; in journeys they carry the load, yet it is rarely heavier than the weapons borne by the man.
  • The slaves can attend to that; and only the slaveless (the poorest of all) must take away their modest rations of boiled lentils, peas, beans, onions, and garlic, usually in baskets, though yonder now is a soldier who is bearing off a measure of boiled peas inside his helmet.
  • Critics say he overemphasized the size of the southern landholding middle class while excluding the large class of poor landless and slaveless white southerners.
  • So, yeah, I see them as flawed men, men who in some parts of themselves knew that it was wrong to own other human beings but could not bring themselves to live slaveless lives, but who nevertheless overcame those shortcomings to do great things, because it seems to me that this country up to now has -- has been a wonder for human beings, including most of us -- a number of us who were born black or Native
  • a conception of a number of comparatively small, internally homogeneous, agricultural states, a bunch of pre-Johannesburg Transvaals, communicating little, and each constituting a separate autonomous democracy of free farmers -- slaveholding or slaveless.


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