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What is the meaning of smirk in Hindi?

Meaning of smirk in Hindi is : बनावटी हंसी हंसना

Definition of word smirk

  • An uneven, often crooked smile that is insolent, offensively self-satisfied or scornful. (noun)
  • To smile in a way that is affected, smug, insolent or contemptuous. (verb)
  • smart; spruce; affected; simpering (adjective)

Examples of word smirk

  • BTW Sam ... a 'smirk' is certainly in the eye of the beholder ... you obviously have a jaundiced eye!
  • I just can never, ever take this Dreamworks stuff seriously as long as that smirk is front and center, in my face.
  • A smirk is exactly what Bolloks has on his face during his heckle.
  • His congenital smirk is best described as the sort of grin that, if named, would guarantee this comment a term in Moderator Purgatory.
  • How he held back that tell of tells, the smirk, is beyond me.
  • A smirk is really a terrible habit for any politician.
  • In Art History, our teacher superimposed as self-portrait of DaVinci over an image of the Mona Lisa, saying that one theory claims that the mysterious Mona Lisa smirk is simply DaVinci’s secret that he painted himself as a woman.
  • I believe what you are calling a smirk is where his teleprompter is telling him to "SMILE" -- that's so we, and he, know that he told us a joke, and also to dispel that nasty rumor going around about his bad temper.
  • He recalled her smirk when she came back with some trousers and dropped them on the ground.
  • Andrew was led to his place in front of Mr. Davies by Uncle Thomas (who was wearing what could only be described as a smirk) when suddenly, Marina lost her smile, and stared -