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What is the meaning of smoothness in Hindi?

Meaning of smoothness in Hindi is : सहजता

Definition of word smoothness

  • The condition of being smooth. (noun)

Examples of word smoothness

  • It's a pilot, and I wouldn't say the nib is any worse in smoothness than my refillable Pilot fountain pens, though it's lighter.
  • The creams are ideal for increasing skin smoothness and the appearance of firmness and moisturization.www. dynamis-therapeutics.com
  • I think the lack of smoothness is part of the appeal.
  • Even so, her cheekbones were too high for his taste, symbols of that something in her character which did not go with his -- the dash of desperation, of vividness, that lack of a certain English smoothness, which always annoyed him.
  • Patients need to be aware that, in the past, thread lifts have had some problems with sutures rising to the surface and allowing only short-term smoothness; however, now results can last much longer.


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