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What is the meaning of sneer in Hindi?

Meaning of sneer in Hindi is : हंसी उड़ाना

Definition of word sneer

  • To raise a corner of the upper lip slightly, especially in scorn (verb)
  • A facial expression where one slightly raises one corner of the upper lip, generally indicating scorn. (noun)
  • A display of contempt; scorn (noun)

Examples of word sneer

  • Make false accusations and sneer from the safety of the shadows?
  • The God of the Gaps sneer is invoked to imply the inexorability of materialism as a complete explanation in natural science.
  • Sold 10 copies and received one sneer from a kid carrying a signed copy of Badrock/Wolverine.
  • The sneer is purely at the expense of customers at the bookshop where the sneerer worked asking when the next Harry Potter book would be out.
  • And in every case, the groups who don't have that particular label sneer and act as if they, too, don't do the exact same thing.


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