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What is the meaning of snipe in Hindi?

Meaning of snipe in Hindi is : स्नाइप का शिकार करना

Definition of word snipe

  • Any of various limicoline game birds of the genera Gallinago, Lymnocryptes and Coenocorypha in the family Scolopacidae, having a long, slender, nearly straight beak. (noun)
  • A fool; a blockhead. (noun)
  • A shot fired from a concealed place. (noun)
  • A cigarette butt. (noun)
  • A member of the engineering department on a ship. (noun)
  • A bottle of wine measuring 0.1875 liters, one fourth the volume of a standard bottle; a quarter bottle or piccolo. (noun)
  • An animated promotional logo during a television show. (noun)
  • To shoot at individuals from a concealed place. (verb)
  • To shoot with a sniper rifle. (verb)
  • To make malicious, underhand remarks or attacks. (verb)
  • To watch a timed online auction and place a winning bid at the last possible moment. (verb)

Examples of word snipe

  • Yes | No | Report from shawn_bland wrote 36 weeks 2 days ago remember while snipe hunting cover yourself in snipe urine
  • A snipe is a real bird that you can hunt in some states.
  • It just appears to me that every snipe from the Right applies equally to Bush and the way he handled things.
  • They hide in dark corners and snipe from the sidelines.
  • A flock of snipe is called a wisp, although you usually flush them in singles and pairs.


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