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What is the meaning of snug in Hindi?

Meaning of snug in Hindi is : सुसंहत

Definition of word snug

  • small, comfortable back room in a pub (noun)
  • comfortable; cosy (cozy); satisfactory (adjective)
  • close-fitting (adjective)
  • To make secure or snug. (verb)
  • To snuggle or nestle. (verb)

Examples of word snug

  • He was fairly physical—what we call snug—but I loved the contact.
  • "That is what I call snug," said Randy complacently.
  • "I suppose," said the Prince, putting his hands in his pockets and gazing about the room with an appearance of cheerful interest, "this is what one calls a snug little place."
  • For them there was no shelter from the cold, no shrewd crawling to leeward in snug nooks.
  • Never have had any problems but believe in snug not cranked.


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