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What is the meaning of social in Hindi?

Meaning of social in Hindi is : सामुहिक सभा

Definition of word social

Examples of word social

  • Editor's update: Some folks at NASA cannot view this short video a kitten attacking a Mac Powerbook screen saver and get this message: "Restricted Categories: Dating/Social Access to this site has been blocked by the GRC third-party web filtering service which has categorized it as being non-work-related because it contains *Dating/Social* material."
  • For New England the social and economic status is fully presented by William B. Weeden, _Economic and Social
  • Social inclusion •Social inclusion is a key theme in the Rudd government's social policy approach and it informs all areas of social policy •The term has been taken up by many as, perhaps, a salve to the harsher social policies of the Howard era •It recognises that there are people who are disenfranchised, disadvantaged, being left behind
  • Engage with social media - Social media has turned the way people search the web on its head.
  • (Optional Protocol, OP) for those suffering social injustices (as defined by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ICESCR) but in ignoring the most disadvantaged, by excluding core minimum obligations (see below), the UN may render itself virtually irrelevant as defenders of human rights.